Opening the Past 2013 (Pisa, 13-14-15 giugno)

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Archaeological heritage is the history of our past and the foundation for our future choices. It belongs to all of us. Opening the Past means broadening the horizons of knowledge and consequently of protection, planning, research and the profession as archaeologists.
Opening the Past 2013 is the final conference of the MAPPA project: is has the intent of presenting the results of the project, but also the aim of discussing interesting and new proposals during the sessions: Predictivity in archaeology; Open Data in Archaeology; Open Access in Archaeology; Urban geoarchaeology. As you may know, in MAPPA project a team made of archaeologists, geologists and mathematicians are combining their expertise to study predictive tools for the archaeological potential of an urban area and to create a product which will contribute to the protection, research and governance of the city and of its underground archaeological heritage.
We welcome a broad attending of people from archaeological, geological and mathematical scientific community, presenting results of worldwide researches in the fields covered by the sessions…continua

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